Identifying sustainability strategies for public sector projects of developing countries


  • Muhammad Iftikhar Ali
  • Riaz Ahmed


Sustainable Project Management, Infrastructure projects, Public Sector Projects


This research explores distinct sustainability strategies to be employed by the project host organizations to meet the integration challenges of sustainable development. Based on the research gap and future directions, this study aims to answer a research question: “What sustainability strategies are associated with sustainable project management for successful projects?”. This exploratory and cross-sectional study collected data through 12 face-to-face in-depth interviews from professionals involved in funding process at Planning Commission of Pakistan. Qualitative analysis was performed using Nvivo-10 software by employing relevant analytical techniques for validation of various generated themes from the transcribed data. Coding nodes, word tree, word tag clouds and tree maps were generated for interpretation of results. Findings suggest six distinct strategies imperative to be used by the project host organizations to support sustainability goals. This study provides implications for practitioners to select, execute, control and deliver sustainable projects in future.