A Critical Analysis on Organisational Growth and Managerial Turnover


  • Fahad Abdali
  • Dr.M Ramzan Mugha
  • Dr. Faraz Ahmed Wajidi


Organisational Growth, Managerial Turnover, Retention, Turnover Intention


The fundamental purpose of this research is to critically analyse the impact of managerial level turnover on organisational growth. This research also emphasises on different aspects and its correlations that contribute in the retention and turnover of the employees. The nature of this research is quantitative. The data that has been obtained for this research is collected through primary methods using survey questionnaire that comprises of 20 question, while analysis has been performed using Smart-PLS. The findings of this research concludes that turnover has a significant impact on organizational growth. Furthermore, the relationship between these two variables have been discussed under the light of various elements, such as affective commitment and opportunities on the turnover intentions of the employees. The research is limited to the sample size of 100 individuals because of the time and cost constraints. The research implies that turnover of employees at managerial level impact organisational growth. However, the impact can be negative. Therefore, it is required by the management to ensure that productive and skilled managers are retained for betterment of the organisation.