Effect of Recruitment & Selection on Task Performance with the Mediating Role of Organization Politics: An Empirical Evidence from Public Sector Hospitals of Karachi


  • Munaza Bibi
  • Dr. Rafique Ahmed Khan


Recruitment & Selection, Organization Politics, Nepotism, Task Performance, Social Exchange Theory


This paper has examined the effect of recruitment & selection on task performance along with the mediating role of nepotism in the relationship between recruitment & selection and task performance in the public sector hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan. The study is explanatory for which the deductive approach was adopted for testing hypotheses. First-hand information from 384 respondents was collected through a questionnaire survey. The gathered data was analyzed through statistical tools using SPSS and AMOS. Analysis of the data indicates that ‘recruitment & selection’ has a direct effect on task performance and it is positively linked to nepotism, which in turn leads to better task performance among employees working in public sector hospitals. The study is considered quite helpful for the management of the healthcare sector to evaluate the effect of existing recruitment & selection practices and develop strategies to further improve the same. The study is also useful for academia and other service sector organizations.