Evidence from the Banking Industry in Pakistan to investigate the impact of Customer Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction


  • Jawad Khan
  • Dr. Amna Ali
  • Hena Gul Nisar
  • 4Amanullah Khan


Customer Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, SPSS, Banking Sector


Providing high-quality service is always noteworthy. Customer satisfaction is critical in both situations. Some firms focus on maintaining existing clients, while others want to expand their customer base. Customers can be satisfied if businesses provide high-quality services that fulfil their demands. 200 clients of four private-sector banks in Peshawar were surveyed using structured questionnaires. A convenience sampling approach was used to get the sample. Multiple regression approaches were utilised to explain the combined influence of each variable on customer satisfaction in this study. Regression analysis was used to identify the connection between variables, as well as multiple regression techniques to find the link between variables. Customer service efficiency, as well as its dimensions, are positively connected to client happiness, according to the research. As a consequence, we conclude that in private banks, consistency in customer care is important for developing client loyalty.