Protecting the Copyrights and Trademark Infringements: An Integrated Model of Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies


  • Sehrish Ilyas
  • Alia Ahmed
  • Fouzia Ashfaq


Counterfeiting; Deterrence Theory; anti-counterfeiting strategies; infringement; counterfeit task force


Counterfeiting has been becoming a challenge for manufacturers across the nations to protect their originality and genuineness. The purpose of this study is to highlight anti-counterfeiting strategies in order to protect infringement of copyrights and trademark. A case study of the anti-counterfeiting strategies opted by a Pakistani natural product manufacturing company was adopted to highlight the mitigation strategies against its counterfeit products. Drawing on Deterrence theory, current study highlights some of the anti-counterfeit general and specific deterrence strategies. The results of interview unraveled some of the reactive and preventive strategies: maintaining network of incentivebased informers, briefing the consequences, multiple raids, follow-ups and seizures. Findings also suggest that out of reactive and preventive anti-counterfeiting strategies, the reactive ones comprised of legal prosecutions and are more successful in combating counterfeiting activities. Current study poses implications for the counterfeit taskforce and policy makers. The social implication of current study is to highlight some new discoveries of the field to alleviate counterfeiting.