Influence of personal and work characteristics on employees’ Self-guided development


  • Dr. Muhammad Qamar Zia
  • Dr Shabroz
  • Erum Khan


Work context, career insight, self-guided development, proactive personality


In last two decades, the organization has faced numerous new challenges due to rapid changing environment at workplace and globalization. These challenges forced the management to curtail the training expenses and develop the employees with minimum cost. Currently, companies are in dire need to reduce the cost of formal training by increasing focus on self-development. However, research is lacking to investigate the possible factors of employee involvement and participation in self-guide development. This study tested a conceptual model that helps to boost the participation of workers in self-guide d development. Three hundred and seventy (370) questionnaires were distributed to the employees of education sector. A total of 285 respondents out of 370 returned the completed surveys with a response rate of 77%. The findings indicated that two work characteristics; empowering environment and feedback orientation are significant predictors of SGD. The results also supported that personal characteristics such as proactive personality and LGO are also linked to employees’ self-guided development. On the other hand the study failed to find a significant linkage between career insight and self-guided development. This article also provided implications and recommendations for future research.