How Ethical Leadership and Follower Mindfulness Play their Role in Developing Organizational Commitment? Analyzing the Augmentative Contribution of Emotional Capital


  • Hamidullah Arif
  • Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman


Ethical Leadership, Employee Mindfulness, Emotional Capital, Organizational Commitment.


The study investigates the interaction between ethical leadership and the conscientiousness amongst followers and the involvement of the two towards building organizational commitment. The study intends to bring forth the insight through the theoretical framework based on three emerging avenues: ethical leadership, emotional capital and follower mindfulness contribute towards organizational commitment which in turn can be divided into affective, normative and continuous commitment. The data were collected from 204 respondents from several public hospitals across the country with data being filled in by specialists, general practitioners (GPs), nurses and paramedics. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) technique using computer assisted tools like IBM Amos. CFA outcome results of the study were favorable regarding convergent validity and discriminant validity so they reflected the reliability of the CFA model of present study. The study shows that ethics and emotional intelligence are vital in developing positive employee behaviors in the workplace and for better management of human capital in organizations. This in turn has the capacity to achieve organizational success and success for both leaders and followers in business and personal roles.