How Action Learning Supports Leadership Development and Organizational Management? Its Application with Case Studies


  • Muhammad Hafeez
  • Zahid Zulfiqar
  • Sajad Ahmad


Action Learning: Leadership Development; Organizational Management; Case Studies


Organizations throughout the globe are grappling with the rising problem of strengthening the skills of their leaders with less time and money. Most leadership development (LD) programmes, on the other hand, are ineffective and costly, with little emphasis on the social, interpersonal and strategic dimensions of leadership. Therefore, the objectives of current study were to explore the qualities and skills of leaders essential for the 21st century competency, how action learning (AL) supports the organizational management (OM) and LD and the case studies from different organizations to provide the evidences that how action learning improves the organizational management. For this purpose, a total of 28 previous published articles were selected after following the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The literature showed that AL provided  a great supports towards the development of leadership skills and (OM). This study will provide a meaningful direction towards the application of AL in LD and OM.