Impact of Online Store Atmosphere, Customized Information and Customer Satisfaction on Online Repurchase Intention


  • Kashif Abrar
  • Sobia Zaman
  • Zoya Wajid Satti


Online Repurchase Intention, Online Store Atmosphere, Customized Information, Customer Satisfaction, Website Atmospherics.


Consumer behavior in online context is of significant importance for philosophers and practitioners but relevant literature mostly talks about purchase intention only; however, the present study has focused specifically on repurchase intention. The purpose of this paper is to investigate influence of some critical factors (online store atmosphere, customized information and customer satisfaction) on online repurchase intention. Convenient sampling technique through online survey based questionnaire was used for primary data gleaning from experienced online shoppers (with at least one purchase in last six months) of twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) of Pakistan. A total of 207 valid questionnaires were collected. The data was analyzed by using SPSS and reliability analysis, correlation and regression tests were applied. The results confirmed hypothesized outcomes that overall store atmosphere (Informativeness, Website Navigation, Entertainment and Website Design), customized information and customer satisfaction positively and significantly influence online repurchase intention. Customer satisfaction has been found to be the strongest determinant among the three independent variables. The study primarily focused on online repurchase intention from the perspective of a developing country (Pakistan), something rarely found in previous literature. There is no research paper that comprehensively investigates relationship of online store atmosphere, customized information and customer satisfaction with online repurchase intention of Pakistani experienced online buyers. Online vendors should consider high and low task relevant cues (Informativeness, Website Navigation, Entertainment and Website Design) while designing atmospherics of their online stores. These elements are found to be positively influencing consumers experience and their intention to make repurchase. Precise and relevant information should be provided based on visitor’s requirements and service quality should be above average to enhance customer satisfaction level. Marketers should focus more on consumer retention instead of gaining attention of new clients only.