Penetration of Life Insurance in Pakistan: A Conjunctual Ecological Frame Work of Life Insurance Channels


  • Muhammad Nawaz Iqbal
  • Amir Firoz Shamsi


Penetration, Micro insurance, Group Life, Bancassurance, E-Insurance


In Pakistan, channels of life insurance are working according to their generalized functions and procedure but there is no interdependency and correlation found between them which help to evaluate life insurance penetration and its contribution in consumer sector. As such the purpose of the study is to ecologically frame life insurance growth in Pakistan through statistical and empirical study. A conjuctual model is designed to evaluate the interdependency of life insurance channels as well as penetration of life insurance in Pakistan. Keeping in mind the end goal to address the issue, here the study traces theoretical drivers to quantify life insurance penetration through its channels in life insurance development of Pakistan. It incorporates Micro insurance, Bancassurance, E Insurance and Group life. Quantitative technique is used to conduct the research by selecting a sample of four hundred respondents from life insurance industry. Sampling technique used in the study is convenient sampling. Secondly, the study discuss about correlation between the variables to check conjuctual frame work of life insurance penetration model. Summarized correlation results are significant and find out that the channels for life insurance penetration are correlated with each other and all the constructs are reliable for the model. Due to the correlation between the variables, the study finds out the interdependency between the channels of life insurance which help to increase penetration of life insurance in Pakistan.