Impact of Consumer Attitude on Consumer’s Perception of Feminism in Ads


  • Asif Hussain Samo
  • Muhamad Asif Joyo
  • Poorab Sarhan Abro


Consumer Attitude, Consumer Perception, Diversity Attitude, Feminism


The growing attention on women rights, women empowerment has engulfed the marketers with its influence. Women depiction in ads has reached its nadir but consumer perception of such ads needs to be studied. This perception also varies on the bases of believes and values of consumers. This study endeavored to investigate consumer perception of surging women role in ads. With quantitative approach, a survey was conducted from non-random sample size of 332 through closed ended designed questionnaire. The data was analyzed with regression. It was found out that consumer’s attitudes; attitude towards diversity, attitude towards liberty and attitude towards women empowerment have significantly impact on their perception of women depiction in ads. The more a consumer believes in diversity, liberty and women empowerment the more he thinks positively on such ads. Moreover, there is no moderating role of gender in perception of such ads. This study suggests regional marketers to focus on women depiction in ads in those areas in which consumers hold favorable opinion on diversity and liberty and women empowerment.