Behaviors of Top Management for Successful HRD Projects: A Qualitative Study


  • Muhammad Iftikhar Ali
  • Riaz Ahmed
  • Shumaila Israr


HRD Projects, Higher Education Commission, Top Management Support


This paper aims to focus on refining the multidimensionality of the idea of top management support for HRD projects. On the bases of research gap and future direction, a research question was articulated: “What supportive behavioral types are associated with top management support for successful projects?”. The study was exploratory and qualitative in nature and the design was cross-sectional. Twenty in-depth interviews were done with project managers and project coordinators serving in Human Resource Development Projects of Higher Education Commission, Islamabad Pakistan. The results from current study extended literature relevant to dimensions of top management support in HRD projects. The results suggest that providing financial, technical and resources like HR are key dimensions regarding top management support, play significant part in success of projects of HRD. However, the findings of study identified various profiles of support and developed a framework of behavioral types. The developed framework is suggested to use in planning, executing and evaluating support from top management in HRD projects.