Role of Leadership and Team Building in Employee Motivation at Workplace


  • Muhammad Ramzan Khan
  • Abuzar Wajidi


Leadership; Team Building; Productive Team; Motivation


Organizations are now globally dependent on effective management and team building to survive and prosper. Over the years great emphasis was given in selection of members for effective team building. Role of leadership is vital in this regard. Leaders are required to have active cooperation in all the activities of organizations rather than mere role of supervising and controlling. Every employee of an organization gets affected by management principles, and processes either as a leader or a team member. It is a considerable fact that working environment and relationship amongst the leader and team member is key factor that creates motivation and accelerates work to achieve goals. The research work was conducted in a state-owned petroleum corporation to check the impact of leadership styles and team building on employee motivation. Employee motivation was measured using the Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale (MWMS), based on the multidimensional conceptualization of motivation offered by self-determination theory. For the purpose dimensions of extrinsic regulation and intrinsic motivation were utilized. For team building items were borrowed from Team Effectiveness Questionnaire (TEQ) 2.0 and Team Assessment Questionnaire (TAQ). To measure leadership style Hersey Blenchard questionnaire was used. Team building construct included; team work, team trust and rewards and recognition. It is found that teambuilding and leadership has positive significant effect on employee motivation in a state-owned petroleum corporation. The actions of team leader and behaviour have greater importance over team building. It’s the leaders who innovates and motivate members through different techniques such as incentives, prizes, promotions and extra pays. The characteristics of team members are defined and predictors of schedule performance towards the motivation and organization activity.