Impact of Outsourcing on Successful Completion of Projects in Construction Sector of Karachi


  • Shoaib Jalil Khan
  • Rafique Ahmed Khan
  • Sadaf Alam


Outsourcing Electrical Works, HVAC Works, Civil Works, Mechanical / Transportation Works, Technology Adoption, Project Success


This study was aimed at examining impact of outsourcing construction-related works like Electrical, HVAC, Civil and Mechanical transportation on successful completion of projects in construction sector of Karachi. The study is explanatory in nature based on deductive approach. The data were collected with the help of a research instrument i.e. a questionnaire from a sample of 160 managers of the construction industry. Quantitative data was collected on a Likert scale ranging from 1 to 5 and analysed through statistical tools correlation and regression analysis by using SPSS, version 23. The results have revealed that impact of outsourcing of electrical, civil and mechanical/ transportation services is whereas HVAC work is not having significant impact on project success. The study is considered quite useful for management of the construction sector of Karachi in determining effectiveness of existing outsourced services. Other organizations and academia may also benefit from the study.