Impact of Corporate Credibility, Brand Awareness, Brand Image and Brand Loyalty on Purchase Intention in the Telecommunication Sector of Karachi


  • Safeena Yaseen
  • Ibtesam Mazahir


Corporate Credibility, Brand Image Brand Loyalty, Purchase Intention, Brand Awareness


Over the past few decades, the telecommunication industry of Pakistan has shown a tremendous growth and competition, and its customer base is constantly increasing. Due to the increasing competition the identification of the predictors of purchase intention in the telecommunication industry has become important for the business development of the companies falls under the sector. Considering its significance, this study intends to measure the impact of corporate credibility, brand image, brand awareness and brand loyalty on the customers’ purchase intentions of in the telecommunication industry of Karachi. The population for this research includes all the customers in the telecommunication industry, and the sample size is 126. The data was collected through online survey. The developed model elucidated the impact of corporate credibility, brand awareness, brand image and brand loyalty on purchase intention, which is exhibited through the following equation: Purchase Intention=0.57+0.11*Corporate Credibility+0.06*Brand Awareness+0.41*Brand Image+0.25*Brand Loyalty+0.32. It was also concluded that the strongest predictor to purchase intention was brand image (R2 =0.52) followed by brand awareness (R2 =0.44), corporate credibility (R2 =0.43) and brand loyalty (R2 =0.41). This study has made and important contribution for marketing professionals and academic scholars.