Job Autonomy and Work Engagement: The mediating role of job crafting and the moderating role of proactive personality


  • Usman Ahsan
  • Muhammad Anwar ul Haq
  • Mirza Ashfaq Ahmad


Job Crafting (JC), Job Autonomy (JA), Proactive Personality (PP), Work Engagement (WE)


Job crafting elucidates the bottom-up process of how employees in an organization take part to make changes in work boundaries to play an effective and valuable role in respective professions. The main purposes of this study were to ascertain: the mediating role of job crafting between Job Autonomy and that of Work Engagement; the moderating role of proactive personality between job autonomy and job crafting; and the moderating role proactive personality between job crafting and work engagement. Cross-sectional design was used to conduct the research and data was collected by means of 37 item questionnaires. Adopted from previous studies questionnaire was developed and demographic information was also collected to testify like age, marital status, gender, level of job, qualification, tenure and nature of organization. Sample population consists of individuals from different SME sectors like education, manufacturing industry, FMCG (malls), hotels and hospitals. As job crafting is related to every sector of life so the main idea behind generating data from diversified population was to test the applicability of the model to all the sectors. Data was analyzed in two steps, SEM approach was used to test the model in AMOS Graphics with bootstrapping technique, whereas mediation and moderation were tested by using Hays process macros in SPSS. On analyzing results it was concluded that job crafting plays a significant positive mediating role among job autonomy and work engagement. Further this study also indicated that individuals with highly proactive individuals more likely present intentions towards job crafting as well as demonstrate more engagement towards jobs as compared to low proactive personality individuals.