GMJACS Vol- 7 No. 1 2017

Volume 7 Number 1 2017

1 Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance: The Moderating Effect of Market Orientation

Jawad Hussain, Qamar Abbas and Muhammad Asad Khan

2 Impact of Trade Liberalization on Economic Development in Pakistan: A Co-integration Analysis  

Liaqat Ali and Iqbal Ahmad Panhwar

3 Determinants of Job Satisfaction in Schools of Agha Khan Education Board Karachi

Noreen Karim, Rafiq A. Khan and Asif Shamim

4 Gender, Generation and Transition Leadership: Towards a Conceptual Framework

Atif Hassan, Rafia Faiz and Nadeem Iqbal

5 Identification of Factors that Influence the Use of Alternate Delivery Channels (ADCs) by Bank Customers in Pakistan

Usman Ali Warraich, Arifa Sami and Faryal Salman

6 How Ethical Leadership and Follower Mindfulness Play their Role in Developing Organizational Commitment? Analyzing the Augmentative Contribution of Emotional Capital

Hamidullah Arif  and Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman

7 Macroeconomic Determinants of Workers’ Remittances: Pakistan, a Case in Point 

Sadaf Alam, S. M Shoaib Wasim and Bashir Ahmad

8 Gender as Moderator of the Relationship between Supervisory Support and Work to Family Enrichment

Aneel Kumar, Khalil Ahmed Channa and Niaz Ahmed Bhutto

9 Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment in Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance: Evidence from Higher Education Sector of Pakistan

Muhammad Akram, Usman Afzal and Muhammad Ismail Ramay

10 Investigating the Influence of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation on Work Performance: Study of Bank Officers

Ashique A. Jhatial, Maryam Kalhoro and Sameena Khokhar

11 An Empirical Study on the Resilience of Emotionally Intelligent Teachers to Ostracism and Counterproductive Work Behaviors in Context of the Higher Educational Sector of Pakistan

Nadia Nasir, Ch Abdul Khaliq and Muqqadas Rehman