GMJACS Vol- 8 No. 2 2018

1 How to retain employees? Commitment Based Human Resource Practices as An Underpinning Trait That Promotes Job Embeddedness

Samina Qasim and Zaki Rashidi

2 Impact of Consumer Attitude on Consumer’s Perception of Feminism in Ads

Asif Hussain Samo, Muhamad Asif Joyo and Poorab Sarhan Abro

3 Demographics and Personal Characteristics as the Basis of Discrimination in Performance Appraisals

Sadia Nadeem, Nimra Tariq and Mobeen Khalid Khawaja

4 Organizational Culture and Knowledge Sharing Behavior: Moderating Effect of Knowledge Governance Mechanism and Motivation

Saliha Gul Abbasi, Umer Iftikhar and Ahtesham Ali Raja

5 The Effect of Online Retailing Engagement Dimensions on Electronic Word of Mouth and Purchase Intentions

Muhammad Ziaullah, Asif Kamran and Nadeen A. Syed

6 Exploring the Impact of Customer Knowledge Management in Creating Brand Value with the Moderating Role of Gender and Residential Area of the Respondents

Mehwish Munawar, Mirza Ashfaq Ahmed and Muhammad Ahmed

7 A Qualitative Analysis of Microfinance Institutions in Poverty Alleviation and Societal Wellbeing of Pakistan

Rizwana Bashir, Atif Hassan and Farooq-E-Azam Cheema

8 Organizational Factors Influencing Women’s Work Motivation and its Impact on Career Satisfaction: A Case of Banking Sector of Karachi

Hina Mubeen, Naveed Ur Rehman and Muhammad Shahid Khan

9 Dynamic Links between Stock Market Returns and Industry Returns

Saqib Fareed and Tahseen Mohsan

10 Behaviors of Top Management for Successful HRD Projects: A Qualitative Study

Muhammad Iftikhar Ali, Riaz Ahmed and Shumaila Israr

11 Impact of Democracy on Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Study of Pakistan Economy

Nazia Alam, Asif Shamim and Aamir Hussain Siddiqui

12 Why Are Family Owned Businesses Unable to Sustain Beyond the Second Generation

Zeeshan Ali and Shaikh Muhamamd Ali

13 Effectiveness of Benazir Income Support Program for Poverty Reduction

Muhammad Ali Pasha, Parveen Shah  and Muhammad Saleem Rahpoto

14 Determinants of Project Team Retention in Private Consultancies of Pakistan

Akbar Saleem, Rafique Ahmed Khan and Amir Manzoor