Factors having an impact on consumer attitude and intention towards the mobile advertisement


  • Dr. Adnan Butt
  • Erum Siddique
  • Shakeel Baig


TAM, Mobile advertising, Intention to accept mobile advertising, Structure EquationModelling


The rapid increase in the mobile phone usage opened new opportunities to the marketers, who are operating mobile phone as a communication instrument to disseminate their brand’s messages and this is known as mobile phone advertising (MPA). The main aim of this study is to pinpoint the effect of different
factors on consumer attitude and intention to accept mobile advertising. In this explanatory research a data of 400 smartphone users from Karachi was gathered through a self-administered questionnaire selected by using convenience sampling approach. This study used SEM analysis on AMOS to obtain empirical findings. The findings of the paper suggest that consumer attitude towards mobile advertising (CATMA) positively influence the consumer intention to accept the mobile advertising. This paper also verifies that perceived usefulness (PU), perceived ease of use (PEOU), entertainment, credibility have positive impact, while irritation has a negative impact on CATMA. Besides, Informativeness showed no effect on attitude of consumer towards the mobile phone advertisement. Thus, this research suggest that marketers should do maximum efforts to influence the consumers’ attitude positively, as this would ultimately enhance the mobile advertising acceptance (penetration).