Role of Office Furniture in Office Ergonomics & Employee Performance: Evidence from Faculty of Higher Educational Institutes of Karachi


  • Muhammad Faisal Sultan
  • Dr. Muhammad Asim
  • Muhammad. Asif


Office Furniture, Office Chairs, Office Tables, Employee Performance and Office -Ergonomics


Office ergonomics is treated as one of the most important aspect for maintenance of employees’ job satisfaction. Most of the times studies based on office ergonomics are trying to uncover impact of several elements in a single study. Although it has evident that office furniture is the element which affects employee performance and health in a most critical manner. One of the studies in Pakistan indicated that office furniture is affecting employee performance even when other elements are seems to be absent. Hence this results conduction on more research on effect of office furniture, not only in Pakistan but all over the globe. Although most of the researchers specially from developing countries like Pakistan are still conducting studies on hybrid of office design elements. Hence the study which specifically focus on the most potent variable of office design is seems to be mandatory. The purpose of this study is focused extensively on effect of office chairs’ and office tables on employee productivity. Initially the data collected for evaluation of these variables was evaluated
through reliability testing through SPSS but for detailed inferential analysis Smart PLS has been used as the tool of analysis. Results of the study indicated office chairs has significant impact on employee performance although desks does not have the significant impact. On the other hand, moderation of gender is potent in creating effect of office design elements.