Analysis of Gender Discriminatory Practices on Employee Motivation at Workplace: An Explanatory Study


  • Dr. Sayma Zia
  • Nazia Tabassum
  • Mohammed Hassan Noor


Gender Discrimination, Employee Motivation, Improvisations


This paper zooms in on the relationship between employee motivation and gender discrimination. In order to analyze this impact, correlation and regression analysis was carried out. Data collection was done from three midsize organizations in Karachi. The data is collected using questionnaire and the
responses from 205 employees of three mid size organizations of Karachi.

Findings of the study suggest that gender discrimination has strong effect on employee motivation, further four factors considered separately for male and female employee. Study has concluded that Salary discrimination is the most concern of male and career advancement is the top most concern of female
employee which on discrimination impacts their work badly.

This paper partakes in knowledge development and is indeed beneficial for companies that are growing by ensuring the practice of Gender equality through the factors identified in this particular research. These findings will also serve as a benchmark in developing the companies’ fair and practical policies in
order to run the organization successfully. However, the research is limited in its scope because the respondents only belonged to one particular area of Karachi. The aforementioned limitation might lead to variation in results if the study is conducted on a broader scale encompassing a greater geographical