Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Innovative work behavior: The role of psychological empowerment


  • Essa Khan
  • Muhammad Mumtaz Khan
  • Syed Saad Ahmed


Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Innovative Work Behaviour, Pshchological Empowerment


The purpose of study is to examine the mediating role of psychological empowerment between the leader characteristics of transformational leadership and emotional intelligence with employee innovative work behaviour.This study employed partial least square- structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) to examine the mediating role of psychological empowerment. In addition, this study collected data through structured questionnaire and convenience sampling from 185 respondents.The finding of this research shows that psychological empowerment is important mediator between the relationships of emotional intelligence and transformational leadership with innovative work behavior. In addition, the result yield that emotional intelligence does not affect employee innovative work behaviour. However, tranformational leadership found to be positively affecting psychological empowerment and innovative work behaviour. This study has wider implications for the business leaders, managers, and consultants. Results of this reseach imply that the psychological empowerment of employee is sine qua non for the innovative work behaviour. The leader has onerous responsibilty to cultivate environment where employee feel motivated and free to embark on creativity and demonstrate innovative behaviour.