GMJACS Vol- 6 No. 2 2016


Global Management Journal for Academic & Corporate Studies (GMJACS)
Vol. 6 No. 2 2016
1 Exploring the Causal link between Country Risk and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows: Evidence from Pakistan

Assad Ullah, Yang Qingxiang and Zahid Ali

2 Contribution of Human Resource Management Practices in Supply Chain Success in Small and Medium Enterprises

Samina Qasim

3 Remittances and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A Time Series Analysis

Ghulam Mustafa Shaikh, Muhammad Tariq and Irfan Haider Shakri

4 Preference Determinants for Soft Drinks Brands: An Empirical Study of Karachi Market through Mall Intercepts Method

Marium Mateen Khan, Tariq Jalees and Mustaghis-ur-Rahman

5 Corporate Social Responsibility and Cost of Equity; Mediating Role of Financial Performance

“Paper has been published inadvertently as author has withdrawn the paper before publication”

6 Country of Origin (COO) and its Impact on Consumer Purchase Decision of Foreign Products
Amir Manzoor, Liaqat Ali and Khurram Adeel Shaikh
7 Effect of Transformational Leadership Style on Choice of Strategy in Conflict Management in the Service Sector of Pakistan    

Nadia Zafar Bakhtawari, Muhammad Ali Saeed and Erum Zaidi

8 Quantile Methods for Testing the Applicability of CAPM and FF-Model in Pakistan

Adnan Shoaib and Muhammad Ayub Siddiqui

9 Household’s Willingness to Pay for Solid Waste Management, Parks Maintenance and Horticulture Services (Selected Areas of Karachi – Case in Point)

Muhammad Asim, Bashir Ahmad and Maawra Salam

10 Service Quality-Customer Loyalty Chain in Business Schools: A Multivariate Analysis

Qaiser Rashid Janjua and Faisal Aftab

11 Antecedents of Career Progression of Females: A Developing Country Perspective

Saiqa Saddiqa Qureshi1 and Farida Saleem

12 Predicting Perceived Academic Performance through Interplay of Self-Efficacy and Trait Emotional Intelligence

Ambreen Ahmed and Muhammad Zaki Rashidi

13 Estimation of Fund Selectivity and Market Timing: Performance of Pakistani Mutual Funds

Jamil Ahmad and Abdul Sattar

14 Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan: A Qualitative Study Using Multiple Case Design Method to Study the Application of Effectuation Model

Shahid Qureshi1, Asma Abdul Rahim Chang2 and Ambreen Shahid

15 An Empirical Study of the Impact of Servant Leadership on Employee Innovative Work Behavior with the Mediating Effect of Work Engagement: Evidence from Banking Sector of Pakistan

Amna Rasheed1, Rab Nawaz Lodhi2 and Umie Habiba