The Negative Role of Organizational Embeddedness in Organizational Support, Trust and Deviance Relationships: Evidence from Pakistan


  • Samrah Shariq
  • Dr. Danish Ahmed Siddiqui


Perceived organizational support, workplace deviance, Organizational trust, Pakistan


It is the need of current research to assess the negative aspect of organizational embeddedness. In order to develop an understanding of its power, it is essential to assess its all dimensions so as to reduce its effects on employees and organizations. A sample of 454 employees has been drawn from various organizations operating in Pakistan. SPSS is used to assess demographics and PLS-SEM is used to test the research relationships. The findings of the study support the hypothesis that there exist a negative relationship of organizational support and trust with workplace deviance and trust-deviance relationship is weakened while support-deviance remains the same with organizational embeddedness serving as a moderator. The study caters the gap existing in research by highlighting the negative face of organizational embeddedness. Majority of the research depicts that organizational embeddedness leads to desirable employee and organizational outcomes. Moreover, it focuses on one of the commonly faced problems of the organizations not only in Pakistan but in rest of the world i.e. workplace deviance.