Perceived impact of E-Marketing Practices (EMP) by SMEs on Customer Relationships: Moderating Role of Security, Privacy and Weak Infrastructure


  • Muhammad Faisal Sultan
  • Muhammad Asif
  • Muhammad Asim


Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Least Developed Countries, Business Relationships


The significance of E-Marketing in shaping of company’s performance is not a unique element under the recent scenario and this is evident not for only increasing business performance but also for optimization of mutual business relationships. But for SME sector this is treated as a breath of fresh air, especially in underdeveloped or Least Developed Countries (LDCs) there is substantive lacking of research work on the role of E-Marketing. Thus, there is a significant requirement of research which might clarifies the role of E-Marketing in shaping up business relationships which will leads to the optimization of customer’s loyalty for SMEs. But the unavailability of literature associated with this use of E-Marketing was hindering in the way of cultivating proper research model but with the help of relationship building literature associated with linkages with suppliers via E-Marketing we contracted the research model and after conducting the reliability analysis for the data collected through the circulation of questionnaire it has been highlighted that management of SMEs also treated E-Marketing as the tool for the optimization of business relationships with customers.