Perceived e-recruiting implementation, HR personnel’s job satisfaction and turnover intention in service-oriented small and medium firms in Pakistan


  • Naveed R. Khan
  • Akhtiar Ali
  • Sayma Zia


E-recruitment, job satisfaction, retention, SME


This study aims to explore the challenge of retention by focusing how perceived e-recruitment and job satisfaction predicting the turnover intention of HR personnel’s in Pakistanis SMEs. An empirical model is developed while integrating theory of planned behavior with technology acceptance model. The study examined the causal relationship. Total 393 responses were collected through self-administer survey. Partial least square structural equation modeling was used to examine the components of measurement. The results provide empirical evidence that perceived e-recruitment and job satisfaction are significantly related to turnover intention of HR personal in SMEs. The present study goes a step further to test a new dimension to existing horizon of reasons that satisfies the HR personnel. The results of this study may help SMEs in Pakistan to implement e-recruitment system to retain core employees within the organization.