Investigating Antecedents of Online Shopping Behavior of Young Pakistani Consumers through Mediating Role of Online Purchase Intentions


  • Affifa Sardar
  • Sobia Murtaza
  • Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas


online shopping, young consumers, purchase intentions,users’ attitude


ence of young consumers in Pakistan towards e shopping.With the proliferation of internet online shopping is gaining popularity around the globe. However the factors affecting the online buying decision are not fully explored. This study investigates how online purchase intentions mediates the impact of
antecedents of online purchase behavior on actual purchase behavior through a model based on Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB).By using convenience sampling, data was collected through self administered questionnaire from young consumers living in Karachi, Pakistan. Data was examined by using partial least square structural equation modelling.Study reveals that all antecedents of online purchase behavior are significant.It was also found that online purchase intentions partially mediates the relationship the impact of attitude, normative influence and perceived website quality on online purchase behavior.This study has significant implications for e-retailers and vendors in order to enhance online shopping to enhance ecommerce in Pakistan.