Contours of Emerging Technology on Work Life Balance and Economic Well-Being


  • Anam Saif
  • Talat Rehman
  • Sadaf Alam


Technology, work life balance, economic wellbeing, productivity, workplace.


Diversity of the emerging technologies in the contemporary era is revolutionizing the world. It has overblown the salience of technology for marketers, social scientists, policy makers and new settlers. These are creating formidable new challenges in which business leaders can anticipate and plan for the effects of
these new technologies on their organizations. In the prevailing environment, high growth, emerging markets, emotional intelligence, geo-economic orders and strategic use of technology indicate how vast the chasm between global investments is crucial to maintain sustainable competitive advantage. Consecutively, drawing research endeavor towards finding out gap through gathering information, making decisions, trying inferences and finally making predictions in the ambit of technology and economic well- being. Resultantly, this study aims in bridging the gap between these two variables particularly when linked with HR practices. The gap identified continues with the exploration of how technology interweaves economic well-being as well as work life balance with profound changes that are being driven by digital environment. Data collection has been carried out by using the instrument of survey questionnaire with further analysis through SPSS. The research under taken is quantitative in nature. The qualitative data has been acquired from the
secondary sources. However, the primary data has also been used through applying Survey technique as mentioned. This study provided the empirical confirmation thereby supporting the framework of the technological utilization with its impact on work life balance and economic wellbeing. More specifically
technology had positive effects on work life balance and economic wellbeing which are in line with the findings of the research.