Interpersonal Relationship Marketing: Role of Customer Focal Antecedents in Relationship Building and Maintenance


  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • Dr. Mirza Ashfaq Ahmed


Customer focal antecedents, Relational mediators, Relationship outcomes, Variance based SEM


This study evaluates the relationships between customer focal antecedents (CFA)-relationship benefits, seller dependence, trustworthiness, firm reputation, relational mediators (gratitude, trust, and intimacy), and relationship outcomes (commitment, reciprocity, and repurchase intentions). Conceptual
model of the study is conceptualized on the basis of interpersonal relationship marketing model and theory of interpersonal attraction. Data is collected with survey methodology. The data is collected from four sectors i.e., Apparel, Food, Financial, and Telecommunication. Variance based SEM is applied to test
hypotheses. Results provide substantial support for the proposed paths and validate interpersonal relationship marketing model. Results show that CFA - relationship benefits, trustworthiness, and firm reputation are found positively significant predictor of relational mediators. Gratitude, trust, and intimacy are
found significantly mediating the relationship between CFA and relationship outcomes. Furthermore, relationships within relational mediators and relationship outcomes are found positively significant. There are number of managerial and theoretical implications. This research helps sellers to understand customer motivation and reinforcements of CFA in the relational ties. It also facilitates to improve customer value, experience, and to strengthen future customer commitments.