Linking Big-Data Analytics with the Pricing Strategies of E-Retailers: A Quantitative Approach


  • Muhammad Faisal Sultan
  • Dr. Sadia Shaikh
  • Rozina Imtiaz


Big-Data, E-Retailers, Advanced Algorithms & Skilled Data Specialist


Studies on big-data analytics are rare, especially from Pakistan. However in recent times the topic has been explored continuously in the field of computing as well as management sciences. However, most of the studies are not consistent with retail industry though industry is one of the fastest growing and significant in contributing to society. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to relate big-data with the pricing of e-retailers to understand the relationship in the context of developing sectors. However, there are very few skilled data-specialists specialists who have appropriate knowledge in this regard and hence the study has been conducted with sample of sixty five respondents. SMART-PLS has been incorporated to devise quantitative analysis which indicated that big-data is significantly important in the context of e-retailing and also have ability to improve pricing mechanism of e-retailers.