High Performance Work System is the Accelerator of the Best Fit and Integrated HR-Practices to Achieve the Goal of Productivity: A Case of Textile Sector in Pakistan


  • Mouna Koser
  • Samma Faiz Rasool
  • Madeeha Samma


HR-system, High Performance Work System, Organizational Performance, Textile Sector


This study explores the partnership of high performance work system (HPWS) and organizational performance in Textile Industry of Pakistan. In this paper, focus is made in Pakistani context with reference to high-performance work system and human resource management practices. Efficiency of textile sector is suffering due to lack of understanding of human resource management practices and also high performance work system in the Textile sector of Pakistan. This study is addressed to cover the system which is based on the below-mentioned systems plus interrelated collection of practices. The research is qualitative and exploratory in nature. For this study, data is collected from the textile manufacturing firms located in Lahore, which is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan. The study included 14 semi-structured interviews from participants. The findings of the study indicated that the textile sector of Pakistan can exploit new emerging opportunities by adopting 'HPWS’, by adapting rapidly changing technologies and by adhering to global best practices.