Attitude of Young Students towards Sports and Physical Activities


  • Sobia Zaman
  • Asif Khurshid Mian
  • Fraz Butt


Attitude, Physical Activity, Sports, Sedentary Lifestyle, Young Students


This study examines the attitude of Pakistani students towards sports and physical activities as ratio of sedentary lifestyle is increasing among them. A sample of 384 students having ages between 18-26 years from five different universities of Islamabad, Pakistan was selected for the study. Attitudes were assessed by using self-administered questionnaire namely Student’s Attitude towards Physical Activity (SATPA). Five dimensions of attitudes were measured for data collection namely Health and Fitness, Social Experience, Aesthetic Experience, Ascetic Experience and Pursuit of Vertigo. SPSS and AMOS were used for analysis of data and the relationship between the variables was examined using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Overall results of the study showed that students in Pakistan shows favorable attitude towards physical activities and likes to participate in such activities to improve their health. They are aware of benefits related to participating in sports and physical activities. The finding also showed that cricket is most widely played sports among students in Pakistan.