Organizational Diagnosis using Weisbord Model: A Comparative Study of Health Sector in Peshawar


  • Javera Zaffar
  • Muhammad Naeem
  • Waseef Jamal


Organizational Diagnosis, Weisbord Model, Health Sector


The purpose of this study is the diagnosis of organizations using Weisbord six box model. The study considered two hospitals (public and private sector). Data was gathered from both medical and non-medical staff using two-stage sampling technique with the help of structured questionnaire. A total of 121 questionnaires were obtained from employees operating in both hospitals and comparison was made on the basis of dimensions presented in Weisbord six box model. Findings of study depicts that there is no major issues found in any of the organizational dimensions. However, there still remains room for further improvement in order to increase efficiency and overall organizational effectiveness to achieve customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. Future research directions have been specified at the end.