Growth Prospects of SMEs in CPEC Perspective


  • Bashir Ahmad
  • Farah Naz
  • Jamila Majid


SMEs, Economic Growth, CPEC Perspective


SMEs operate in smaller volume of material and human resource; therefore, they need comparatively less capital. They are more manageable from organizational point of view and contribute more in terms of numbers; therefore, have multiplying effects on economy. Smaller business entities with manageable infrastructures are economically viable and progressive especially for developing countries. CEPC provides such activities for smaller businesses to flourish in Pakistan. Emerging business opportunities for SMEs include clean drinking water supply, dry fruits processing, fuel stations, transportation, hotels, restaurants, construction, retail outlets, salt refining, education institutions, seafood processing, bilingual legal consultation firms, cattle farming (to meet the growing needs of halal meat and dairy sector) and many more.